It’s been many months since I last looked at this blog.  It was not a planned absence; in fact, I have two unfinished blog posts waiting in my document files for me to return to them.  But without being able to pinpoint when it happened, two things occurred.

The first was that I started to experience the feeling of an emotional overload when it came to abortion.  The reality of its existence and what is condoned in the name of choice became overwhelming for me, and I felt the need for space from personal engagement with the issue.

The second was that I became incredibly busy and physically worn-out.  In October last year, my husband and I announced the upcoming birth of our fourth child.  And at the beginning of this year, I started the third year of my medical degree.  This year was the first clinical year, with 8:00am starts every day for ward rounds and an intense program of clinics, study, lectures and tutorial.  Time for things in my life other than university and my family decreased dramatically, as did my mental and emotional energy.

Five weeks ago our fourth daughter was born, and – with some time off from medical school – I feel like I’m finally able to return to my blog writing and finishing off some of the posts that have been waiting for me.

One thing I will be changing will be to disable comments on my blog posts.  I strongly feel that open online discussion forums are not particularly conducive to productive conversation, and that private messages are a much more appropriate way to discuss an issue as emotionally charged as abortion.  In light of this, I have added a contact option, where I can be reached by email for anyone who is interested in opening up a conversation about something they have read in my posts.

Thank you for your interest in my thoughts and writing, and I hope to have a new post out soon.


Author: Elizabeth

I am in my mid thirties, a medical student and mother to four amazing little girls. My first venture into pro-life writing was when I wrote an essay on abortion in high school, but I didn't become passionate about protecting the unborn until after I had my first daughter in 2010. I hope my writing will help those who have questions about abortion, and help to build understanding of the arguments surrounding abortion.