Why No Comments?

Why No Comments?

The observant will notice that I disallow comments on my posts, although this has not always been the case.  The reason for this arises from my past experience with comment sections as forums for discussion.  I have found them neither productive nor helpful, and much prefer to communicate with those who wish to discuss aspects of my position in a one-on-one format, such as email.  Hence I have a contact page as part of my blog, for those who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity.

Thank you to all those who are readers of this blog, both regular and otherwise.  I value your readership greatly.


Author: Elizabeth

I am in my mid thirties, a medical student and mother to four amazing little girls. My first venture into pro-life writing was when I wrote an essay on abortion in high school, but I didn't become passionate about protecting the unborn until after I had my first daughter in 2010. I hope my writing will help those who have questions about abortion, and help to build understanding of the arguments surrounding abortion.